The One1Moto

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We had a blast attending this years The 1 Moto Show.  It was an honor to unveil our collaboration BMW K100 build with our friends Vintage Steele. Also a special thanks to Lyle Leather for their bad ass, one of a kind pannier and to National Powersports for being our motorcycle shipping sponsor. Here is a review in pictures of our time spent at the show. Enjoy! 

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Red Wing Heritage

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Red Wing Shoe Company has been making quality boots since 1903. It only seemed right for the Red Wing heritage line to be the first brand of footwear brought into the shop. Below are a Pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers 8113 with three years of abuse, countless miles, and a fresh resole straight from the factory, I feel they only look better with age. Red Wing has an in-house resole/repair department to prolong the life of your boots.  You can read more on the process here.
Repair photos courtesy of Red Wing 

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Why I Ride

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If you ride a motorcycle than you already know the feeling of exhilaration and freedom that coincide. Whether its the first ride of the season, or a warm summer night, its hard to wipe the ear to ear grin off your face. Check out Why I Ride, a video produced by ALCHEMYcreative and you won't be sorry you did.


From ALCHEMYcreative


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Welcome East Moto Show Photo/Video Recap

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Our second annual Welcome East Community  Moto Show was held in Portsmouth NH, and went off without a hitch. Ninety plus Motorcycles and Mopeds  entered into the show in all, with another few dozen lining the streets in support. A couple hundred spectators came out to see the lineup, drink some cold ones, and talk Moto's! All in all we couldn't be happier with the event. Below is the list of winners in each class as well as a photo and video recap! -Cheers



Best Moped: John Tamagnini 1963 Vespa Gran Lusso

Best Rat: Austin Phillips 1969 CB350 

Best Stock: Dan Battle 1972 Norton Commando

Best Japanese: Carla Chilton 1974 CB350 Four 

Best Italian: David Hills 2007 Ducati 1098s Tri Color

Best German: Catherine McLaughlin-Hills 1967 BMW R50

Best British: Josh & Chris, Vintage Steele 1972 Norton Commando

Best American: Dana Sullivan 1951 Harley Davidson EL

Best Custom: Josh 1952 Harley Davidson Panhead 

Best In Show: Dana Sullivan 1951 Harley Davidson EL








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Adventure Rig Recap

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This past Sunday we had our first Adventure Rig meet up at Papa Wolf Co. While we love our bikes, the company car is a quad cab Tacoma so we figured it was high time we gave four wheeled vehicles their due. The weather wasn't the greatest on Sunday. But, a few cases of PBR, some hot coffee, friendly faces, and door prizes from ARB, Thule, and Mountain State Overland (Engel Coolers) made it worthwhile. Over 20 different adventure rigs showed up representing a broad range of ways to get out there. There were Jeeps, Land Cruisers, plenty of Land Rovers, Nissans, a pristine 80's Mazda B2300, and a Bronco that broke our hearts. It was a blast catching up with everyone, talking shop, and getting to ogle some sweet set ups. We're already scheming for the next meetup...


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Adventure Rig Meet Up

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We are proud to be holding our first of many "Adventure Rig Meet Up" this Sunday Oct. 25th at Papa Wolf HQ in Portsmouth NH from 11am-5pm. Swing on by to check out some killer rigs! There will be plenty of great door prizes being given away from brands like Thule, Nemo Equipment, ARB, MS Overland, Overland Journal, and free beer being provided by Pabst!
Photos // MS Overland // Poseidon's Beard

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Wilcox Metal

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Evan Wilcox is a self-taught metal smith who specializes in hand formed aluminum and mild steel. I had the pleasure of commissioning him to build a 5 Gallon Manx style gas and oil tank. For someone who has mastered their trade Evan is as humble and friendly as can be.
The initial phone conversation to talk about design aspects I was looking for was full of my excitement about having the tanks built, by the end of the conversation it seemed Evan was as excited to take on the project of building as I was to see the finished product. 
For Evan it all started back in high school shop class while trying to build a expansion chamber for his 2-stroke dirt bike. After multiple attempts with the only outcome being a pile of scrap metal, he went back to the drawing board while consulting both shop and geometry teachers. Applying the geometry was the challenging part, and once that was achieved, for Evan it all came together.
Before he knew it Evan was building expansion chambers for all his buddies. That evolved into gas tanks which he described the initial attempts as being failures, that didn't deviate him from attaining the knowledge. Evan would go down to the local airfields where the old timers would be restoring WWII planes, and watch their techniques for pounding and welding away at a piece of metal to get the desired forms they were seeking out. Today Evan resides in Ukiah California where he continues to create works of art out of sheet metal. His work speaks for itself, and I feel honored to be have obtained the pieces shown.
You can check out Evan in action in a little video Hattar Motorcycles made up here! Thanks for reading -Britton wilcoxmetal

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