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Evan Wilcox is a self-taught metal smith who specializes in hand formed aluminum and mild steel. I had the pleasure of commissioning him to build a 5 Gallon Manx style gas and oil tank. For someone who has mastered their trade Evan is as humble and friendly as can be.
The initial phone conversation to talk about design aspects I was looking for was full of my excitement about having the tanks built, by the end of the conversation it seemed Evan was as excited to take on the project of building as I was to see the finished product. 
For Evan it all started back in high school shop class while trying to build a expansion chamber for his 2-stroke dirt bike. After multiple attempts with the only outcome being a pile of scrap metal, he went back to the drawing board while consulting both shop and geometry teachers. Applying the geometry was the challenging part, and once that was achieved, for Evan it all came together.
Before he knew it Evan was building expansion chambers for all his buddies. That evolved into gas tanks which he described the initial attempts as being failures, that didn't deviate him from attaining the knowledge. Evan would go down to the local airfields where the old timers would be restoring WWII planes, and watch their techniques for pounding and welding away at a piece of metal to get the desired forms they were seeking out. Today Evan resides in Ukiah California where he continues to create works of art out of sheet metal. His work speaks for itself, and I feel honored to be have obtained the pieces shown.
You can check out Evan in action in a little video Hattar Motorcycles made up here! Thanks for reading -Britton wilcoxmetal

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