Adventure Rig Recap

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Papa Wolf | 0 comments

This past Sunday we had our first Adventure Rig meet up at Papa Wolf Co. While we love our bikes, the company car is a quad cab Tacoma so we figured it was high time we gave four wheeled vehicles their due. The weather wasn't the greatest on Sunday. But, a few cases of PBR, some hot coffee, friendly faces, and door prizes from ARB, Thule, and Mountain State Overland (Engel Coolers) made it worthwhile. Over 20 different adventure rigs showed up representing a broad range of ways to get out there. There were Jeeps, Land Cruisers, plenty of Land Rovers, Nissans, a pristine 80's Mazda B2300, and a Bronco that broke our hearts. It was a blast catching up with everyone, talking shop, and getting to ogle some sweet set ups. We're already scheming for the next meetup...


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