Chase Street Salty Dog Men's Soap

These manly man scents will inspire you to set off for dangerous adventures and may lead to steamy nights with your bonny lass when you arrive home from all your plundering. As with all of Chase Street's soaps, the Salty Dog scents start with the finest olive oil, sustainable palm oil and coconut oil from which we build onto that recipe using avocado oil, natural mineral pigments for coloring, various scrubbing ingredients and our custom blends of phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils. They are each hand cut at a beefy 5+ oz. and feature a signature Salty Dog labels, complete with a different pirate fact for each scent. And in case you do harbor a more sensitive side beneath all that flannel and grizzly beard, these soaps are earth and animal friendly. Totally biodegradable, vegan and untested on furry friends. Trust us, girls dig guys who show a soft side now and then. You can thank Chase Street later. Please choose your scent choices in the drop down menu. Each scent is noted with their scent blend.


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